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People & Performance (The Knowledge Company)

Do you have the Knowledge, Process or Skills to keep up with Data Deluge ? We Do

People & Performance (The Knowledge Company)
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We can show you the story that your data has to say.
Start using our
The power to make the correct decision to each customer, every time.
People & Performance (The Knowledge Company)
People & Performance (The Knowledge Company)

“I confidently recommend P&P for their in-depth analysis and accuracy in predictive sales analytics. They are thorough and easy to work with.”
—Dr. A.A. Faruqui, Associate Vice President,
Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Sun Sun Jindra
Data is our medium and your profit in our goal.
Sun Sun Jindra
Data is our medium and your profit in our goal.

Do you know the value of your data ? We do.
Do you have an idea of the success you can achieve with your data? We do.

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People & Performance (The Knowledge Company) Circle art

I would like to

get business insights
Circle art get business insights ABOUT BUSINESS

Slice and dice data to gain useful insights from the data. Follow data analytic life cycle to identify and solve different analytic problems

Generate reports to observe descriptive statistics. Identify key questions to be answered using the available data.

Circle career get predictive analytics Analytics

Predict sales for next year? How can I improve customer retention? Why medication is more effective based on my patients individual attributes?

Apply statistical techniques and mathematical techniques to answer the above questions!

Circle lifestyle implement machine learning Machine Learning

What are the trends observed in the data? Does my data form any distinct patterns? What are the network links formed between different data points?

Apply supervised and unsupervised learning methods to answer key questions related to your company's data .

Circle fancy get mobility on data analytics Mobility

Data present in different sources? Legacy systems, noSQL, flat files, mainframe etc etc. How do I analyze my data from different source types?

Data mobility solutions help move data to a unified platform that can be used to analyze all data together.

Circle fun Smart City Smart City

A smart city is an urban development vision to integrate multiple information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in a secure fashion to manage a city's assets – the city's assets include, but are not limited to, local departments' information systems, schools, libraries.

The goal of building a smart city is to improve quality of life by using urban informatics and technology to improve the efficiency of services and meet residents' needs.

Circle education implement IoT IoT

Every household device will be connected to the network in the next few years. Can you imagine the amount of data that will be generated from each interaction?

Implement IOT applications that can help improve performance of devices connected to the internet and understand usage patterns!

Circle personality make applications apps

Every data engine needs an interactive front end application to trigger the analytic processes

build state of art applications to provide a robust front end.

Circle relationship train with us learn

Giving back is a major component of our company principles

Share our experience and tools used to enable budding big data and analytic enthusiasts

Circle sports get profits and grow PROFITS

What affects the bottom line of the company? Are profits only related to current performance/existing processes of a company?

The answer is, NO. Profits can be predicted or influenced by a range of factors, both internal as well as external. For example, weather(an external factor) turns out to be a major factor of influence for an automobile insurance company. This company modified its premiums based on weather conditions of a region.

Circle travel IoT Products products

We have worked and developed many products based on the internet of things. Some of the products are as follows.

Smart Refrigerator
Traffic Synchronizer
Smart Street Light
Smart Pen
Smart Food And Diet Analyzer
Truly Interactive, “No Remote” TV
Soil Advisor

Slice and dice data to gain useful insights from the data. Follow data analytic life cycle to identify and solve different analytic problems

Generate reports to observe descriptive statistics. Identify key questions to be answered using the available data.
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Data Analytics vs Data Scientists
People & Performance (The Knowledge Company)

Look inside

Look inside

Data Sciences

Big Data

Big Data is a data science which deals with deluge of data to exploit for profits.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics helps you predict the future change in you field of business.

Business Insights

We study your business and predict the unseen opportunities in your business.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning means having a machine that studies and learns your data and automatically fixes things for you. Meaning no cost of human resources.

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Internet Technology


Internet Of Things is the trending technology, where things interact with each other through internet. We provide predictive analytics on real time.


Having your data on the go meaning wherever you are, you remain enabled to take business decisions.


We also create applications using your data which you can put into use in your business.

Where we solve problems

Are you in?

Circle user

Pharma & Health Care

Analyze data of pharma companies, hospitals and markets to obtain a futuristic view of opportunities.

Circle dream


Promote data based practices and help improve agricultural outputs.

Circle step

Banking & Financial Sectors

Optimise on predictive analytics to get a 360 degree view of business prospects.

Circle magazine

Retail & Consumer Markets

Understand consumer data and orient, policies for customer segmentation, customer retention, and aimed targeted marketing.

Circle community


Reduce operational cost and optimise manufacturing capabilities.

Circle friend

Logistics & Warehousing

Optimising scaled efficiency of operations to reduce cost and for faster services.

People & Performance (The Knowledge Company)


Know us better

P&P is The Knowledge Company formed by technocrats with a cumulative experience of over 100 years of industry experience, specialising in advanced data sciences and Internet of Things technologies to provide solutions that enable efficient operational monitoring, governance and automation of various business processes and applications in the industry.
Our products and solutions are being used in financial, pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturing industries. Our expertise is in Advanced Data Sciences, Predictive Analytics and Internet of Things for real-time data analysis that enable timely and intelligent decision making.
We also provide Data Sciences Education service to empower student and industry professionals with the knowledge, skills and technologies needed for career in Data Science.

People & Performance (The Knowledge Company)

Plot no 217, Jubilee Hills, Road No – 78, film nagar, Hyderabad – 500 033

Call us now: 040-23337788, 8500897788