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Who We Are

P&P is The Knowledge Company formed by technocrats with a cumulative experience of over 100 years of industry experience, specialising in advanced data sciences and Internet of Things technologies to provide solutions that enable efficient operational monitoring, governance and automation of various business processes and applications in the industry. Our products and solutions are being used in financial, pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturing industries. Our expertise is in Advanced Data Sciences, Predictive Analytics and Internet of Things for real-time data analysis that enable timely and intelligent decision making. We also provide Data Sciences Education service to empower student and industry professionals with the knowledge, skills and technologies needed for career in Data Science.

Core Values

We attribute our success to the diligence, honesty and the drive to learn and adapt to challenging environments.

Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Products & services

Internet Of Things Products

We specialize in building end-to end IoT solutions for various industry verticals to provide efficiency monitoring, smart operations and governance.

Used in combination with our advanced Data Sciences Solutions, our products enable timely and Intelligent decision marking.

Machine Learning and Advanced Data Sciences

Our data sciences framework uses deep machine learning algorithms to analyze and predict key performance parameters such as sales forecasts, Customer call statistics, Voice recognition, Equipment usage monitoring, predictive risk Analysis, political campaign and voter sentiment analysis, etc.

Smart City Solutions

We Specialize in end-to-end solution Design and implementation of large volume and real-time data analytics solutions using structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data from varied public channels such as real time social media, equipment, geo-tracking systems and government IT systems.

Product & Catalog

IOT Products

The possibilities and applications of IOT are endless. We have embarked on a mission to create a new generation of IOT products with embedded analytics and capabilities to provide real-time analytics and decision making capabilities.

Intelligent Analytics

We have created a completely customizable analytics framework that Can be adapted and configured to suit any functional domain.

Our "Other" Things

Data Sciences Education

We Offer several certificate courses and training ranging from fundamental concepts such as Statistics and Algorithms to hot Technologies in Data Science such as Machine Learning, R, Spark and Mahout. We are affiliated to and accredited by Hyderabad Central University.

IOT Product Research

We are continuously invested in incubation of IoT products at our R&D Lab, and have partnered with an embedded systems provider to convert ideas to design to Proofs of concept. Our products range from simple intelligent sensors to sophisticated Gear for visual search and recognition.

Applied Data Sciences Research

At our R&D lab we are researching various applications of data sciences. Through our academic partners and researches, while concurrently enhancing our core intelligent analytics product framework.

Success stories

Pharmaceutical- Predictive Sales Analytics

Accurately adjusted model based on historical sales figures.
Near accurate predictions for rest of year 2016.
Sales numbers matched predictions for june to October within: +_ 5% variance.

Retail Banking –Customer Voice Data Analytics

Accurately adjusted language model based to recognize Indian-English accent.
Achieved accuracy of 65-70% on Indian –English Model.
Accuracy higher than other existing models in the industry today.

"I confidently recommend P&P for their in-depth analysis and accuracy in predective sales analytics. they are thorough and easy to work with."

- Dr. A.A. Faruqui, Associate Vice President, Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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