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Smart Document Solutions

Our “Smart Document Solutions” help you optimize your entire document cycle from preparing agreements to signing, enacting and managing them. In addition to signatures, there are tools like

Advanced Data Sciences

We Specialize in end-to-end solution Design and implementation of large volume and real-time data analytics solutions using structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data from varied public channels such as real time social media, equipment, geo-tracking systems and government IT systems.

Gaming Solutions

Game development combines many talents and involves many technologies. Fusion of technology, artistry and creative ideas gives rise to engaging, graphical and powerful games.

P&P is “The Knowledge Company” formed by technocrats with a cumulative experience of over 4 decades, specializing in Smart Document Solutions, Advanced Data Sciences and Gaming Solutions  that enable efficient operational monitoring, governance and automation of various business processes and applications in the industry.

To be a growing global partner for “Knowledge Companies” by delivering exemplary services with our ability to learn and adapt to challenging environments

To achieve our goal by providing distinguished services to the global markets by constant innovation in technology and adopting an integral approach towards work

P&P NexGen Tech Pvt Ltd

Our focus is in the development and implementation of innovative ideas into smart business solutions.